How to Set Up Awesome Office Workstations

Office workstations usually have a huge emphasis on practicality, with the design concentrating on issues such as ergonomics and productivity. These aspects of cubicle design are definitely important, although it is equally important to create environments that are both pleasant and stimulating enough to work consistently in. A really awesome office workstation is both effortlessly functional and attractive.

1. Custom Design

If you want your workplace to impress, the surest way is to hire a professional carpenter or fit-out specialist to design unique workstations that serve your business needs exactly. By using a custom design service you can easily have an office that is distinct from any other workplace you come across.

2. Colour

Many workplaces are sadly lacking colour, or use colour in an uninspired way only. Instead of using regulation grey or beige furniture, consider using a variety of different colours throughout the workplace. For even more visual appeal, try combining your colour palette with different textures and patterns.

3. Individuality

Although maintaining a cohesive look throughout your workplace is a good idea, your space can easily look like a maze of uniform boxes if all your workstations look exactly the same. To introduce some variety into your workplace, you can encourage employees to decorate their own desks with sentimental objects or use wall decals and other accessories in different office workstations.

4. Chairs

Always choose ergonomically designed chairs for your workplace. An ergonomic chair doesn’t have to be ugly or utilitarian looking, in fact there are many elegant designs available and in a huge range of colours. These chairs make workstations vastly more comfortable, creating the perfect working environment.

5. Integrate Technology

Most workers these days work closely with a computer, tablet, telephone or sometimes all three at once, so it is important that the modern workplace integrates seamlessly with the technology we use every day. The most impressive office workstations are incredibly high-tech, with screens and interactive touch pads built into partitioning walls. For a more accessible option, simply choose furniture that holds all necessary technology at an ergonomic position.

6. Lighting

To create workstations that your employees will really enjoy spending time in, and produce quality work in, an abundance of good light is essential. Whether you can position all of your desks close enough to windows or skylights to be bathed in natural light or need to supplement with fluorescent lighting, you should ensure that no-one is at risk of eye strain in a dim environment.