Using Crystals As Feng Shui Enhancements – Rose Quartz

Although crystals are widely used in healing they have many other uses some of which are often overlooked. One of the most powerful ways in which crystals can be used in your life is as a Feng Shui enhancement as they help to promote and channel the energy in and around your home. In this series of articles I aim to show how the most popular crystals can be used in Feng Shui, focusing in this article on the love stone, more commonly referred to as Rose Quartz.

Most people when asked to name a stone that promotes love will automatically say Rose Quartz. This beautiful, delicate crystal in shades of pale pink is one of the most instantly recognizable and desired of all crystals. It is a stone that inspires love, trust and friendship and makes a beautiful personal gift to the one you love. As well as being a beautiful personal gift it can also be used to great effect in your home, especially in the relationship area or your bedroom. To find out more read on

If you are single and want to find a lover, Rose Quartz can be a very powerful love enhancer. Place two Rose Quartz crystals in the relationship area of your home, this is the south west area, or place two Rose Quartz crystals in your bedroom. If you are desperate to find a lover place Rose Quartz crystals in both areas but take care, you may well be surprised as to how quickly this can work. When placing crystals for love you should always place crystals in pairs and personally I prefer to place them as part of a larger display or contained within another ornament. Placing two crystals in an angel box for example with a small note can have the effect of asking the angels for help in finding a lover and makes for a nice but not obvious display.

If you have a lover, but there is not an awful lot of loving going on, then placing a pair of Rose Quartz crystals in the relationship area or in your bedroom can help to restore the love in your relationship and remind you why you got together in the first place. In this situation placing the crystals in a pink bowl or on a pink cloth can strengthen the love energy in your home, sometimes needed if the relationship has really become quite stale. Rose Quartz can also help build and regain trust and harmony in your relationship. Rose Quartz can make a beautiful gift in its own right so if you have that special someone in your life give them a gift of a Rose Quartz crystal or heart so that they have something to carry that reminds them of the love between you.

I hope that you have found this article useful and it has given you some ideas, especially if you need to strengthen the love energy in your home. For more Feng Shui tips please visit my website where free information on Feng Shui is published every Friday

Andrew James Laycock is a Feng Shui teacher and trainer and writer on spiritual thinking. Andrew coaches and trains people on the principles of Feng Shui all over the world. When he is not delivering coaching and training sessions Andrew lives in the beautiful countryside of South West France where with his partner he hosts mind, body and soul training courses.

How Feng Shui Predictions Are Produced for 2013

Feng Shui annual predictions come from many different sources. We are able to chat in incredibly common phrases when it involves world predictions, or directionology since it relates to the man or women home, as well as some observations distinct on the individual depending on their own beginning go out with.

From the Twelve months in the Snake, it really is certain to become a fantastic season for many people, but not necessarily individuals born from the Twelve months of the Snake, which include the several years 1953, 1965, 1977, or 1989. As an example, we have five different types of Snake people today (Drinking water, Wood, Fireplace, Globe, or Metallic Snakes). If it looks a bit like Chinese language Astrology, that is since the two predictive arts perform genuinely properly with the other person. Inside a common way, we are able to say that the Calendar year with the Snake may be even more challenging to men and women born from the Year of the Pig due to the fact all those two indicators are at all times in opposition to the other.

With a much larger scale, we can refer towards the Snake and Pig directions as being additional vulnerable to mishaps or mishaps in the Snake 12 months. When referring to any kind of map, these directions are relative to your middle point, so of course there will probably be overlapping influences. The Snake path is S/SE and the Pig course is N/NW. When you did not know just before, now you understand which the zodiac signals relate to equally time and path!

When you ended up being wanting to locate these directions in relation to your region you reside in or even the express you reside in, these directions will be relative for the geometric center with the region or condition.

These predictions is often taken decrease to a person city or inside the frequent domain of the Feng Shui practitioner, your incredibly home or company.

Although Chinese Astrology imparts a 12 year repeating routine inside of a grander 60 yr routine, in Feng Shui we have a very 9 12 months repeating routine too as 20 Season Eras. So as an example, the exact same yearly strength which will appear on your bed room in 2013 may be the same vitality that resided there in 2004. But if your bed room is inside the southeast, then 2013 can be extra romantic encounters. The annual 5 Yellow Star is residing inside center (not technically a route) and this has many Chinese language metaphysicians anxious since the 5 Yellow Star is associated with disasters and discomfort inside existing instances we live in. To possess that kind of energy in the center of just about every construction or in the middle core of each and every city or region, it could possibly suggest a tendency of extra upheaval, arguments, strife or mishaps. And considering we reside in Interval 8 (from 2004 till 2024), this mixture of “world” energies could also suggest a higher incidence of earthquakes or other normal phenomenon similar towards the earth which could involve drought or landslides or something intense related to the earth.

The five Yellow Star is linked to established-backs or delays and however we will’t honestly say that every person on the planet might be harnessed to this form of electricity without any escape. This is wherever the man or women destiny and the specific home come into engage in. For instance, a single individual might are living within a home wherever the annual two star of sickness and well being can be at their front door in 2013 (Southwest) and their potential customers for your yr may not be as very good as somebody whose entrance door welcomes the annual 8 wealth star (Northeast) in 2013. In Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star College) the age of the household may however establish more of what the occupant’s encounters will probably be than the annual cycles. But yearly cycles will act as being a trigger for additional dormant energies. As a theoretical case in point, the path of south might be connected having a better prospective for your fireplace incident in 2013 and if that annual force joins an region of a flooring program previously vulnerable to a fireplace, then the yearly routine may well just be the last straw. In contrast, the yearly 9 fireplace star could be part of positive electricity and basically carry great fortune to somebody. This really is why a competent and comprehensive evaluation has being performed, discovering the uniqueness of each house.

One facet of uniqueness to 2013 will probably be that the yearly “star” in each path will match the inherent component for each of your eight simple directions. For example, the annual 1 star is going to be from the North in 2013. Each the one star along with the North resonate with all the mineral water component. The annual 7 steel start will likely be within the west and west is inherently a “steel” sort path. What this is going to perform is intensify each good and damaging influences of every path.

Historically, these passages of time ended up taken so seriously which the Chinese emperors would put on robes inside coloring linked using the season or grander cycles of your time. My best recommendation for any individual actually interested in their prospective for that twelve months, would be to enlist the expertise of the very skilled astrologer, Feng Shui grasp or Nine Star Ki diviner to glance deeper in the stars and what they must say available for you personally, transcending the superficial. In any other case, the normal predictions are just that, basic.