5 Tips On Good Wine Storage

Do you have wine in the house that you are not drinking right away that you are wondering what to do with it? The good thing with wine is that it becomes better with age, so you just have to figure out how to store it. Some wines are however enjoyable within the first years of release, so you may want to consider the type before storing them for long.

You do not have to own a professional grade wine- storage system for you to be able to handle wine storage. The following are a few tips to help you store your wine properly

1. Keep your wine cool

You do not want your wine to stay in open heat since it will cook it instead of aging it well. The ideal temperature for storing wine is a balance between 45 degrees to 65 degrees. Refrigerating your wine is good for a short-term basis, but if you are storing it for the long-term, take it out of the fridge and go with a wine cabinet. If the wine freezes too much, the bottle can contract and push the cork out or burst open. Make sure that your wine cabinet is not in a place where it could freeze during winter or heat up in the summer.

2. Keep it away from direct light

If your wine storage is for long-term benefit, make sure that your wine cabinet is not exposed to light, especially direct sunlight. The UV rays are harmful to your wine. They have the ability to age your wine prematurely. This is a big contribution for wineries to bottle the wine in coloured bottles. Even if you need light in your wine cellar or cabinet, use bulbs that are not too bright.

3. You may need a certain amount of humidity

Some professionals say that wine should be stored under an ideal humidity level of about 70 per cent. This is to prevent the corks from drying out and letting air into the wine. It has been debated that in room temperature, that is unlikely to happen, but if you live in a desert or an extremely hot area, then you may have to install a humidifier.

4. Keep wine still

Shaking your wine will trigger chemical reactions that will lead to premature maturity. Keep your wine away from vibrating surfaces, movable cabinets and other places where it may be moved a lot.

5. Use the traditional horizontal bottle positioning

Theoretically, the wine is kept at a horizontal angle to keep the fluid in contact with the cork to prevent it from drying out. It is also easy for you to see the wine label without moving it a lot. Some of the modern wine storage racks are conventional and they may not allow you to keep your bottles horizontally, so remember to consider that when buying a new wine cabinet.