What to Look For In The Condition of an Antique Leather Chair

True antique leather chairs are some of the rarest finds in the antiquing circles, and can also be some of the most valuable pieces. Perhaps, the reason these are such a hot commodity is because they are extremely difficult to preserve over the course of a century. While leather has been in fashion for a long time now, it does require constant maintenance to keep the leather looking great for years to come.

When deciding on whether or not to purchase such a rare find, the buyer should be on the lookout for discrepancies in order to protect themselves from making a bad investment. Knockoffs, and other fraud is a problem that faces every aspect of life, and antiques are certainly not immune to these deceptive practices.

It really isn’t that hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction with these pieces. In some ways, the very thing that makes them so desired also adds to the overall appearance of the piece. An antique leather chair has characteristics that only come with a certain amount of age. Even if the antique has been taken care of properly, it will have distinguishing features not found on other furniture.

Obviously chair looking fresh from the manufacturer while trying to be passed off as a 100 year old piece should be scrutinized heavily and probably avoided. The leather itself should have a certain amount of wear. Really bad knockoffs will have the appearance that it is new. It could also be that the antique has been refurbished. In this case, it should be noted as such by the seller of the item so that the buyer is not purchasing the item at an undeserved premium.

Alternatively, too much wear depreciates the overall value of the furniture piece, and will more than likely need to be refurbished. This should also be taken into account for the negotiating price. As previously mentioned, even a well kept antique should have some signs of wear on something like leather that has been around for 100 years. It’s hard to imagine any piece of furniture being able to resist the war path of a 3 year old child for longer than a century.

Something else to consider is that wood has a tendency to shrink over time. It shouldn’t concern the buyer too much if the leather antique has shorter dimensions than what the original construction was recorded. In fact, if the dimensions are the same size as they were crafted to be over a hundred years ago, this would be a sign that the chair hasn’t been around that long.

In the end, it’s the buyer’s discretion that will determine whether or not they’ve bought a piece worthy of the price. Antique leather chairs not only look amazing, but also add a touch of class to a room that’s hard to top. However, it shouldn’t cloud the judgment of overpaying for the item.